Reid Digital


Andrew Reid has extensive experience in the media business. He graduated with honours from Humber College, receiving both the Kodak and the President’s Awards in Creative Cinematography. He became an Associate member of the Cinematographers Society of Canada and formed his own animation company to produce plasticene, stop-motion, photographic and traditional animation. Some clients included, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sesame Street, the National Film Board of Canada TVOntario and Warner Brothersproviding animation camera work for the original Space Jam film.

For the past seven years, and with the advent of the digital world, Andrew has produced, managed and setup over 200 live-streaming events. 120 of online and the rest in-person, with a variety of presenters using PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Docs.

He has made over 300 edited versions from that material, which includes conferences and meetings to individual presentations. All of this material is uploaded to YouTube, which he also manages. His main software for streaming is VDO.Ninja, OBS and Zoom. His editing tools are Sony Vegas, Davinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. Andrew’s specialty is enhancing the live stream look to create a professional broadcast experience while avoiding “Zoom fatigue”.